Now that I am officially retired, I encourage all clients to seek other providers for services I am providing. Below I will list services I am providing along with notes and prices. I no longer do this to put food on the table and as volume goes down over time, I don’t get as good a volume price anymore. These prices are monthly and are not discountable.

  1. Monitoring – $2.00 per PC, Server, or MAC.
    This includes monitoring for potential issues like high CPU or Disk usage, event log errors, and critical services. Issues will generate a ticket. If the issue is transitory and clears itself, the ticket will be closed with no notes. It will only generate a history for possible future troubleshooting. If the issue can be fixed with an automated action, the action will be taken automatically, and the ticket closed. If manual intervention is required on my part, I will log time and notes on the ticket, and you will be invoiced at the below Hourly Consulting and Service policy.
  2. Managed Antivirus – $4.00 per PC, Server or MAC. Managed Anti-virus will require the Monitoring above.
    Managed Antivirus will report status in our monitoring dashboard and alert me if it is out of date or has other issues. Other unexpected maintenance will be performed as stated under Monitoring above.
  3. Patching – $4.00 per PC, Server or MAC. Patching will require the Monitoring above.
    Patching will scan for operating system and third-party software patches and updates. I will automatically approve and install critical and security updates. Optionally, noncritical patches and feature packs can the installed if desired.
  4. Managed Backup – $10.00 per PC or MAC. $20.00 per month per Server. Includes up to 200 GB of remote storage.
    Additional off-site storage is $5.00 per 200 GB. If you are backing up more than 1 device, this storage is shared, i.e., 2 backup accounts would include 400 GB as a shared total.
  5. Email Hosting – $10.00 per mailbox. This will be an increase for many of you, but my distributor has raised my cost the last 2 years in a row. I now have to raise my price. I will be sending out notices the first of September and hold prices to old rates for September and October. They will all go up on the November Invoice. Those of you paid in advance will see the price increase on your next invoice.
  6. Hourly Consulting and Service – $25.00 per quarter hour. Onsite service will be a minimum of 1 hour ($100.00) and remote or phone support will be a minimum of 1/4 hour ($25.00)